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The beauty center is a new conception structure where is possible to make a lot of different treatments, dedicated to the beauty and care of the body.

In the centre there are a room for a couple massage, one for mud, chocolate massage…one salt room, NUVOLA, emotional shower, UV tanning room, shower and changing rooms.

The SPA is in the side of the swimming pool and it is a structure made with wood and glass. Inside there are two 8 seater jacuzzi, sauna, cardio-fitness area, shower and changing rooms. The center boasts a beautiful view of the lawn of the farm.









Tasty chocolate Massage euros 40,00

Recent research has shown that cocoa butter has active ingredients that make it particularly suitable for cosmetic treatments which exploit its properties as emollient, lubricant, degreaser and protective. Cocoa contains some antioxidants such as polyphenols, theobromine, tannins, that stimulate a vessel dilator action and therefore have beneficial effects on blood circulation.

(Duration: 50 minutes)

Relaxing massage€ 25,00

A relaxing body massage specific for the whole body. Very slow but deep, especially suited to those who want to have some relax.

(Duration: 30 minutes)

Revitalizing massage € 40,00

Is a body massage that encompasses different techniques: contractant, regenerating and lymphodraining. The massage is performed on the entire body from head to toe to remove the pain and tension accumulated from daily stress and bad posture. The feeling at the end of the massage, which is always customized, is of total relaxation.

(Duration: 50 minutes)

Contouring massage (Anticellulitis) € 50,00

is a specific massage with intense and strong maneuvers, localized on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and hips. It acts on cellulite nodules and fat pads favoring removal, stimulating the venous and lymphatic drainage and the consequent elimination of toxins. During the massage will be used anticellulitis creams. (Duration: 40 minutes)

Lymphodraining Massage € 50,00

This gentle massage stimulates the lymphatic circulation eliminates toxins and excess fluids. Strengthens the immune system. Suitable for people suffering from water retention. Suitable for all those who suffer from leg heaviness swelling from poor circulation and who want to improve the look of your legs. The massage is performed on the whole body. (Duration 50 min.)

If only the legs, the duration is 30 min. and the cost EUR 30.00

Head massage € 25,00

This technique is extremely relaxing thanks to extensive stretching of the skull a massage at the base of the hair and the soft pressure of the Shiatsu points that helps to drain the negative energy.

(Duration 20 mins)

Californian Massage € 45,00

The Californian massage or “sensory massage” is an essential practice as it aims the well-being of the person arousing feelings of deep and full satisfaction. To a greater extent than other massages, the Californian is a meeting between the person’s body and masseur hands.

(Duration 50 min.)

Back Massage (Craniosacral) € 35,00

This massage relieves tension and strengthens muscles, relieves pain caused by stress and bad posture, and relieves neck pain.

(Duration 30 min)

Decontracting massage € 45,00

The decontracting massage is considered a real healthy touch for subjects with muscle pain localized in specific districts as a result of incorrect postural positions or inadequate physical exertion. The technique consists of pure pressure maneuvers, deep and superficial rubbing, kneading for detaching and make more elastic tissues, and percussion or beating for stimulating and vasodilator effect. During the treatment are therefore stimulated many nerve endings in the skin and deeper clusters. (Duration: 50 minutes)

Hawaian massage (lomi lomi) € 50,00

Creates harmony between body, mind and spirit. It is mainly carried out with slow, rhythmic and long movements of forearms and hands that provide a total relaxation, besides acting on the lymphatic system, circulatory and respiratory systems. (Duration 60 min.)

Hot stone massage € 50,00

A path of volcanic stones resting on the chakra points radiating vibrations of warm energy, dissolving the tensions of the body and mind. An ancient Eastern technique based on energy therapies, targeted to the harmony and the recovery of the psycho-physical equilibrium. Soul and body cease to be separate entities, flowing together into magnificent moments of absolute relaxation. (Duration 60 min.)

Plantar reflexology € 35,00

It is a massage technique applied mainly on the feet. It is based on the principle that reflected on the feet are all organs, glands and parts of the body. Applying reflexology massage can affect the organ corresponding to the stimulated organ. Also guarantees a total relaxation. (Duration 30 min.)

Specific face cleaning € 50,00

It consists of a deep cleansing of skin using cosmetic products and professional equipment that are very specific for the type of skin that will be treated. It should be considered as a single treatment, but also as a preparation for more specific process. (Duration 60 min)

Face scrub € 20,00

This treatment allows the removal of dead cells of the face, giving skin radiance and firmness.

(Duration 20 minutes)

Sun Room (UV tanning room) per minute fee € 1,00

An innovative method for tanning, the standing position ensures uniformity of color. Unlike other methods, the sun room can be used by multiple people simultaneously.

(Suggested time 10/15 minutes max)

Body Scrub € 45,00

It is a treatment that allows the elimination of dead cells, suitable to the skin of the whole body (face excluded).

Face Massage € 25,00

This massage deeply relaxes the facial muscles giving the skin a higher toning effect and making it more radiant and elastic. It is made with special creams suitable to treat your skin type.

(Duration 30 minutes)

Nuvola € 30,00

It’s an innovative treatment that gives you a complete relaxation of body and mind. The feeling of weightlessness and the gentle abandonment in its warm waters produce total relaxation, never felt before.

(20/30/40 min.)

Children massages school € 30,00

Some call this “massage of love.” It ‘a deeply emotional contact between parent and child that promotes relaxation of both. Helps the child to distress and gives relief to the tensions caused by new situations, stress or small discomforts. It is a good support for the sleep-wake disorders. Feeds and supports the art of parenting. The massage done directly by the parent is driven by our beauticians who with passion and experience will ensure that a complex and ancient practice becomes easy to apply.

(Duration 30 min.)

Salt room € 30,00

It is a place of bioarchitecture, its conception has very ancient origins. It is a room coated with sea salt. Inside you will feel a sensation of wellbeing, due to the color and smell of the salt. The beneficial properties of this mineral, produce a pure microclimate, which is kept constant for temperature and humidity. The salt has the ability to ionize the air, are-balance the presence of positive and negative ions. Through a chemical process, the air becomes more healthy and it is scientifically proven that inhaling counter all forms of respiratory diseases and skin diseases as it is a natural antibacterial agent. A seat in the room has draining and decongestant effects, helping to reduce tensions and strengthen the immune system. Several scientific studies carried out in eastern Europe, have shown that the effect produced by these treatments, of the duration of about thirty minutes, carried out with in the room of the salt, brings

the same benefits of days in the sea, which is why is a perfect remedy to the stresses of everyday life, and children and the elderly helps to solve the problems of respiratory giving a sure benefit to deal better with the winter. The room of the salt does not have specific contraindications.

Beauty treatments

Full-leg hair removal (excluding bikini line) (Duration 40 minutes) € 28,00

Half-leg hair removal (excluding bikini line) (Duration 25 minutes) € 22,00

Arms hair removal (Duration 15 minutes) € 12,00

Bikini line hair removal (Duration 15 minutes) € 12,00

Total Bikini line hair removal (Duration 30 minutes) € 20,00

Belly hair removal (Duration 35 minutes) € 20,00

Back hair removal (Duration 35 minutes) € 20,00

Eyebrows (Duration 15 minutes) € 5,00

Upper lip hair removal (Duration 5 minutes) € 5,00

Underarm hair removal (Duration 10 minutes) € 7,00

Manicure (Duration 40 minutes) € 15,00

Pedicure (Duration 1 hour \ 1. 30 hours) € 35,00