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The small SPA zone at Valle del Marta is composed of two hot tubs, a relax zone with swinging beds, a sauna for two people, dressing rooms and showers. 2/3 couples at a time can enter it in order to make all customers relax in the best way possible. 


Customers can enter this area only with our beauticians. There are some changing rooms inside. In the wellness centre, there are areas for beauty treatments, massages, a salt room, a sun room, Nuvola, and an emotional shower.


Located in another area, this pool, given its characteristics, is used for various purposes. Its water is a bit salty. Children may enter too. Although there is enough space for 10 people to swim inside the pool, Hado is usually employed for couples’ relaxation.

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An innovative treatment completely relaxes your body and mind. The weightlessness sensation and the gentle abandonment in its warm water produce an intense relaxation that you have never felt before. (20/30/40 min.)

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It is a bioarchitecture place, whose conception has very ancient origins. It is a room covered in sea salt. Inside it, you will feel a sensation of wellness, due to the colour and smell of salt. The beneficial properties of salt produce a pure microclimate with constant temperature and humidity. The salt can ionise the air, rebalance the presence of positive and negative ions. Through a chemical process, the air becomes healthier and there is scientific evidence that inhaling it can help contrast respiratory and skin diseases as it is a natural antibacterial agent. A session in the room contributes to eliminate tensions. Several scientific studies carried out in Eastern Europe have shown that the effect produced by these treatments (about 30 minutes each) in the salt room has the same benefits of three days at the sea; in children and the elderly it helps to respiratory problems giving a sure benefit to deal better with the winter. The salt room does not have specific contraindications. (30 min)

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salt room




(water, music and stones)

Pure saline water;

Music with a particular frequency, spread through water;

Volcanic stones typical of thermal zones (Paleo-Bolsena ignimbrite, ash-grey tuff stones already used by Etruscans).

Recent studies have demonstrated that water molecules acquire an ordered structure thanks to the above-mentioned elements; otherwise, their movement is disordered and chaotic. The physician Masaru Emoto and other scholars, like the 2008 Nobel prize for medicine Montagnier, believe that not only is water able to memorise sound waves, but it can also receive and transmit them with informative frequencies. The Hado pool has been created on the basis of these theories,. ‘Hado’ is a Japanese word meaning ‘top of the wave’ or ‘energy vibration’ that gives a strong and healthy relaxation. In the Hado pool a specific treatment is carried out in order to prepare your body and mind to relax completely.

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water foot reflexology

In addition to all the benefits of foot reflexology, the Hado pool massage adds the benefits of hot water which relaxes your body completely. After finishing the treatment, a powerful hydro-massage completes the muscular relaxation (foot reflexology duration: 30 min, overall duration: 60 

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It is a unique relax program inside the Hado pool. It lasts for one hour and it is divided into two phases: the first is a kind of ritual aimed at creating, with the help of a beautician of ours, a deep relaxing  intimacy  with water. In  the second  phase, the music therapy spread through water, together with colour therapy and aromatherapy, generates the right atmosphere to relax your body and  mind completely. Hado is a Japanese word  meaning ‘top of the  wave.’ This term  denotes  an extremely high energetic vibration which is at the basis of the pool’s construction. The main  characteristics  of  the Hado pool (built within the beauty farm)  are: slightly salty water, a musical frequency directly  transmitted under water and some volcanic stones typical of the local hot springs. Starting from the physician Masaru Emoto’s  scientific studies, bathing in this pool is thought to relax deeply and healthy.


sapphire offer prices

Salt  room  (30 min),  emotional shower (10 min), face mask (30 min), total-body gommage (50 min).


ruby offer prices

Total-body gommage (50 min), emotional shower  (10 min),  anti-cellulite  mud (60 min), Nuvola (30 min).


emerald offer prices

Revitalizing massage (50 min), hydromassage, sauna (60 min).


diamond offer prices

Manicure (50 min), pedicure (60 min), specific facial (50 min), relaxing massage (30 min), Nuvola (30 min).


giade offer prices

Sun room (16 min), face massage (30 min), manicure (50 min), pedicure (60 min).


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hot stone Tarquinia


Prices per person

apple offer

Sun room (30 min), water dance in Hado pool (60 min).


 peach offer

Face mask (30 min), Hado pool and foot reflexology (60 min).


apricot offer 

SPA, sauna and hot tubs, buffet with chef’s choice selection, fruit cocktail, Prosecco (4 people minimum, at night, 8pm-11pm).


 plum offer

 Relaxing massage (30 min), hydromassage and sauna (120 min).


lemon offer 

Manicure (50 min), salt room (30 min), Nuvola (30 min)


 strawberry offer

Salt room (30 min), sun room (16 min), Hado pool (60 min), Dinner with set menu (drinks included) at Valle del Marta restaurant.

True friends offer

True friends offer

idromassage in bath

ragazze nelle vasche idromassaggio


Price per person

golden offer

Salt room (30 min), emotional shower (10 min), couple massage (50 min).


copper offer

Couple massage (50 min), Nuvola (30 min), face mask (30 min).


silver offer

Facial (50 min), couple massage (30).


bronze offer

Couple massage (50 min), hydromassage, sauna for two and relax zone (60 min).


platinum offer

Couple massage (50 min), emotional shower (10 min), sun room (16 min), salt room (30 min).


palladium offer

Salt room for two (30 min), water foot reflexology (30 min), Hado pool (30 min). 

Offers for couples

couple massage offer

water dance picture

couple massage


bleu offer

Salt room (30 min), emotional shower (10 min), Nuvola (30 min).


light bleu offer

Californian massage (50 min), Nuvola (30 min), hydro-massage, sauna and relax zone (60 min).


sky bleu offer

Pedicure (60 min), revitalizing facial (50 min), Nuvola (30 min).


turquoise offer

Nuvola (30 min), four-handed massage (40 min).


cobalt blue offer

Decontracting massage (50 min), pedicure (60 min), eyebrows shaping (15 min), Nuvola (30 min).


Offers for men


offer for men


pink offerSalt room (30 min), emotional shower (10 min), Nuvola (30 min).


purple offer

Salt room (30 min), emotional shower (10 min), lymph drainage massage for legs (30 min).


fuchsia offer

Nuvola (30 min), lymph drainage massage for legs (30 min).


lilac offer

Manicure (50 min), pedicure (50 min), revitalising facial (50 min).

Offers for pregnant women

offers for pregnant women


Prices per children

paw patrol offer

Massage of love (30 min), Hado pool (60 min) and a snack with fruit juice and Nutella sandwich. The child must be accompanied by an adult.


minion offer

Massage o love (30 min) and a snack with fruit juice and Nutella sandwich. The child must be accompanied by an adult.


family offer

Hado pool (60 min), salt room (30 min) and a snack with fruit juice and Nutella sandwich. In the Hado pool and in the salt room the child must be accom panied by an adult.


spiderman offer

Salt room (30 min), Nuvola (30 min) and a  snack  with  fruit   juice   and   Nutella sandwich.  In  the  salt  room  and  while Nuvola is in operation the child must be accompanied by an adult.


rapunzel offer

Manicure (30 min), coloured facial (20 min), Nuvola (30 min). The child must be accompanied by an adult.


ariel offer

Water dance in the Hado pool (30 min) pool available for another 30 min. Snack with fruit juice and Nutella sandwich. In the Hado pool and during the water dance, the child must be accom panied by an adult.

Young friends offers

only for children under 12 years old

only for children under 12 years old

young friends offers


children massage school

Someone calls this ‘the massage of love’. It is a deeply emotional contact between parents and children hat promotes the relaxation of both. It helps the child to distress and gives relief to the tensions caused by new situations, stress of slight discomforts. It is a good help to sleep-wake disorders. It feeds and supports the art of parenting. The massage, given directly by the parent, is driven by our beauticians who, with passion and experience, will ensure that a complex and ancient practice becomes easy to apply. (30 min)

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emotional shower

Through the use of water, colours and lights, it can provide the person who uses it with a feeling of welleing and relaxation. (10 min)

emotional shower pictures


High Cosmetic treatment in mere milk 

Mere milk is rich in vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, C, D, E), mineral salts (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, etc.), trace elements and essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6). Also, it contains retinol (vitamin A) which helps to accelerate healing and collagen production. Besides, mere milk moisturizes and contrasts skin’s premature aging. Cleopatra had a herd of 300 meres in order to always have milk to eliminate wrinkles, make skin more delicate, maintain an unparalleled candour and youth.

cleopatra's secretIt is a first-class cosmetologically innovative application, which is very effective in tackling the unsightly appearance of your skin roughness, hypohydration and inelasticity of the face. This treatment minimizes the visibility of the skin roughness and gives an immediately visible effect of a “full and voluminous” skin tissue. This effect is not due to the application of superficial covering substances, but to the deep distribution of the precious active components of mere milk and other substances derived from specific plant extracts. (Duration: 80 min).

cleopatra's bath

Hyper-moisturizing, antioxidant, nourishing, elasticizing, toning total body treatment (also in located areas) Aimed at improving or restoring the conditions of a better tone and elasticity of the skin, this bath hydrates and nourishes your skin, giving it an immediate and visible elastic tone. It is also suitable for intensive treatment on localized areas of your body: arms, breast, abdomen, glutei, inner thighs. It also protects the cutaneous microcirculation with soothing and anti-inflammatory effects. Cleopatra’s bath is extremely complete and structured and is particularly pleasant for those who receive it. (Duration: 80-90 min).